How many ecosystems? — Benedict Evans

…it isn’t so much that ‘market share doesn’t matter’ (the mantra of Apple fans for decades) as that you need to think about what kind of market share, where, and whether that matters.

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I’m definitely not down on utopian narratives in general — in fact, I think they’re a vital tool for thinking about the future, so long as they’re always informed by a sense of their essential impossibility. Or, to put it another way: utopias are terrible as blueprints for a better world, but brilliant as sandboxes in which to play with ideas for a better world.

Paul Raven, The role of utopian narratives in urban futurism

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Thanks to social media, consumers are now “heavily involved” in the process of creating brands, Reed noted. “The proliferation of social media allows consumers to be active community advocates — they’re putting [out] the message, defending the message, advocating for the message, and becoming literally one-man marketing machines on behalf of the brands. Their voice is now much more heard. It’s a much more powerful context in terms of creating this connection, and companies know they have to pay attention.”
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What Firechat's Success in Hong Kong Means for a Global Internet - CityLab

Does the rise of mesh networking signal a new, more promising kind of Internet?

Fantastic piece on Firechat - which I believe is a thing of genius. Sign of things to come.
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